QuickBooks Bill Pay - Pay Your Vendor Invoices Online

Pay on time, every time – Easily track your bills and their due dates in one place so you always pay on time and avoid late fees. Say goodbye to missed payments and interest charges by setting up recurring bills. QuickBooks is the ultimate bill pay organizer.

Paid bills are recorded for you – Automatically record and track bills you’ve paid by check or direct deposit. Once you connect your bank account to QuickBooks, we automatically import your transactions for you, including bill payments. We then match bill payments to your vendors’ bills and record them in your books.

Pay bills online –  QuickBooks makes it easy to set up online bill pay using apps like Bill.com, Entryless, Veem, and others. You can pay bills by credit card, by check, or via online banking. Pay multiple bills at once, and easily select the date you want the bills to be paid. Set up automatic bill payments to have your bills paid for you via electronic payment.

Put purchase orders on autopilot – Cut down on repetitive tasks by scheduling recurring purchase orders. Once an order is complete, QuickBooks automatically turns it into a bill.

Make a partial bill payment –  It’s easy to make a partial bill payment. Simply enter the amount you want to pay and QuickBooks automatically keeps track of anything still owed on the bill. We always track bill due dates so that you’ll be sure to pay on time.

Do more with powerful integrations

  • Bill pay by Bill.com – Pay bills online directly from QuickBooks.
  • PayPal – Connect your PayPal account and transactions auto-import.
  • Apple Pay – Sync to QuickBooks for easy payments and invoicing.
  • Simplify your bill payments – Bill pay powered by Bill.com integrates with QuickBooks Online Advanced to help pay and process all your bills in minutes.
  • One click vendor payments – Bill pay enables one click ACH payments to vendors and contractors so you can pay one bill at a time, or several at once.
  • Save time on data entry – Sync bills and invoices automatically with QuickBooks Online Advanced, eliminating double data entry and speeding up account reconciliation.

Fees – Bill Pay fees are $0.99 for each bank transfer payment transaction and $1.99 for each check payment transaction.
Fees are billed to your bank account or other selected payment method at the end of your billing cycle.